United States Providing Homes for Homeless Vets

Melvin Tsosie

The Department of Veterans Affairs, along with the White House, is working to end homelessness amongst military veterans.  Opening Doors, a federal strategic plan to prevent and end veteran homelessness, appears to be the catalyst and guiding document.  So far, 2 out of 50 states are on board.  Virginia made history by becoming the first state in the U.S. credited with ending military veteran homelessness.

Since October 2014, Virginia has housed over 1,400 homeless veterans.  Connecticut is now following in Virginia’s footsteps.  It’s just a matter of time before all states will do the right thing by ensuring United States military veterans will never have to face homelessness again, ever.  Some are saying it’s too little too late. Certainly, it’s late for some yet just in time for others.

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