Love and Diversity Celebration


Sunday Celebration Services

1st Sunday

All February, Ignited Praise Fellowship is celebrating Love & Diversity.  God is love.  God created humanity with purpose and made each one of us unique on purpose, for His purpose.  So this month, we especially celebrate love and the things that make us phenomenally different.

On 1st Sunday, Pastor Lacy preached on the topic: In Deed, God is Love.  We learned that although we say we love someone and they say they love us, our definitions of love may be different, which could end up causing problems.  For some, love means never having to say you’re sorry.  For others, love means being forgiven if they’ve found themselves having to say they’re sorry.  If everyone loved everyone as much as we say we do, we would be living in a different world and having a different conversation.  God is love and should be our example on love.  God walked His talked.  The Father loved us so much that He sacrificed His Son so we can spend eternity in His presence.  Love is something you do.  Doing is saying.  Doing “I love you” is saying “I love you”.  Therefore, love in deed.  Love in your actions.  Why? Because in deed, God is love.

2nd Sunday

2nd Sundays at IPF, the youth department, named Ignition, leads the entire 10am service.  The youth delivered spirited, humorous, and candid presentations about history-impacting individuals.  The youth praise dancers/steppers, God’s Angels and Lion of Judah, powerfully ministered to encourage hearts and inspire higher praise.  The church storyteller, Sis. Wade, told the a story about a regal eagle and a weasel.  The eagle took flight after capturing the weasel.  The flight was short-lived because the weasel gave the eagle fatal heartburn by attacking the eagle’s chest as the eagle flew.  Sis. Wade told the congregations they need to let the weasels in their lives go.  If not, your flight will be short-lived.  Weasels can be hurt, pain, hate, and yes even people.  If we want to soar, we have to let the weasel go.

Pastor Lacy then preached on the topic: Made to Make a Difference.  In John 6, Jesus and the disciples are being sought by a multitude.  Jesus had compassion on them and preached for hours to a crowd of about DIVERSITY25,000.  Then it was dinner time.  Andrew found a kid, the only one important enough to mention in scripture, who had packed a lunch.  2 fish and 5 loaves of bread.  Jesus used that meal to miraculously feed the multitude.  Then the disciples gathered up leftovers.  The one that is often overlooked in this story is the kid.  He was clearly resourceful, attentive, realistic, and prepared.  He was the only one with lunch.  Everything about him made a difference in this story and ultimately brought about a miracle.  God created that kid to make a difference then and He has created young people to make a difference now.  In fact, all of God’s created was made to make a difference. 

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