Power Walking Thru the Word

BIBLE STUDY3Some of you cannot and/or do not go to Sunday School or  Bible Study, for reasons known and unknown.  Yet you desire to study the Word of God.

We hear you.  Some of you cannot make it to church because of your work schedules or you’re home sick or you’re in the hospital or you’re on the road, or for other reasons.  Yet you miss studying your Bible or want a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

Amazingly, people expressed more interest in having online Bible study than having online church service.  So, because of you, we will soon be powerwalking through the Bible.  Our tentative launch date is May 2016.  Please stay tuned and keep checking back in.  We believe where 2 or 3 are gathered in Jesus name, He is truly in the midst (Matthew 18:20)…even on the Internet!

BTW (by the way), please like us on Facebook.   And, we would love to hear from you.  Tell us what you would like to get out of this online Bible study.  We invite positive, inspirational, empowering comments, in the spirit of love.  Thank you for sharing.

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