Is The Chip the Mark?

CHIP RFIDSo you know about the the mark of the beast discussed in Revelation, right? Sidebar: If not, Revelation 13:16-17 is a must read (as always, pray for illumination – you don’t want to miss anything God wants you to get). For years people, scholars, experts, etc. have speculated on what the mark of the beast, the 666, would be. Some believe it is symbolic of something else. Some of us believe this will be a literal, tangible, experienceable, detectable marking that will determine whether you survive in Satan’s economy or burn because you refused to bow.

Clearly, the mark mechanism is here. It’s the rice-sized chip. I know the chip isn’t new or news. Remember when scientist(s)/inventors that voluntarily chipped themselves to test their innovations made the headlines? What is news to me, however is that more and more people, in fact a movement of people- all over the world, are volunteering to be chipped! Peep Dark Net. Certainly I get desensitization has been occurring over the years regarding the chip. First, we chipped stuff, laptops, etc., so we could find them in case of loss or theft. Next, we chipped dogs, so we could find them if they’re stolen or lost. Then we moved from dogs to kids. Same reason. The progression is blatant.

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