2018 Divine Mandate: Walk in Faith


  1. Slow MoSlow everything down to a speed in which you can operate optimally. See and replay events at the speed in which you can appreciate the action. Pay attention to details.
  1. Purpose Speak – Plan your words. Words of purpose are power-packed for impact. The more selective, often times the more effective. Think twice. Speak once.
  1. Power Step. Have faith in God and what He will do through you. Share His love. Be bold: it takes courage to keep walking.  Show compassion. Gift your experiences. Apply knowledge to achieve desired outcomes. Command your steps towards daily victories.
  1. Laser Focus – Keep your eyes on God. Do what you do for Him and not for man. That way, you will go above and beyond negativity and destructive criticism. Stay on task. Complete your assignments. Finish the project. Do a great job doing your job. Focus on doing better and being better daily. Exceed your personal best. Exceed standards. Exceed expectation.  Keep your eye on the prize.
  1. Ramp and AmpKeep moving, even when you’re being still. Always work on you. You will find you’re at your best when you press. Push through the challenges, hurt, pain, disappointment, anger, stress. Press and be blessed.
  1. Sow and GrowGive more. Receive more. Live more. Do more. And you will be more. Enjoy moments more than ever before. Give to God, others, and yourself more than ever before. Give > Receive > Pay it forward.    Sow great. Reap great. Give great. Be great.
  1. Bless Generations – Share your God, faith, love, experiences, traditions, and all things positive and good with those who are younger. Be the generational blessing.

***We invite you to join us on our faith walk through 2018 and beyond.***

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